January 2019 Binge-Worthy TV




Between the holidays and an endlessly drenching rain, there have been more opportunities than usual to get lost in a really great series. If you love thrillers and are looking for a few awesome recommendations, then you have come to the right girl. All three of these series are so addicting.

*Warning: All of these shows have some rated-R content, so if that’s a dealbreaker, or you have children in the room, definitely don’t watch these. 

If you can get past some uncomfortable scenes (or fast-forward) the payoff for all of these is worth it.

I had very low expectations for YOU on Netflix. If I’m being honest, Penn Bagley playing the psycho made me think the show wouldn’t be gritty enough. Boy, was I wrong. I have developed a new respect for his acting abilities. He was spot on. Get ready to be sucked into this one by the end of episode one, plus the unexpected ending helps.

True Detective was one of my husband’s picks that I quickly found myself sucked into. Each season tells a different story. Season 1 follows a couple of detectives (played by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson) who are trying to find a serial killer with a tendency for some demented stuff. I don’t want to give too much away, but this series is certainly worth your time if you’re into crime thrillers.


I’m saved the best for last with SINNER. Holy cow, I passed up this one so many times on Netflix and I could kick myself because it’s stellar. Jessica Biel plays your average young mom, Cora. Beautiful child, charming husband, she seems to have everything… until she doesn’t. The hook with this one comes right away. Cora, with her husband and son, visit a beach. One minute she’s peeling a pear for her toddler, the next thing you know she has leaped off the blanket and stabbed the man sitting on the beach in front of her. It all seems random, but as the show progresses you realize that there’s more to it. Okay, I’m not saying anything else about this one. You have to watch it!







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