Hallmark Is Starting Its Christmas Movie 2019 Schedule with Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses

Hallmark Christmas Movie Schedule starts with Movie Based on Book
The 2019 Hallmark Christmas Movie Schedule starts with Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses based on the book by Jenny Hale.


Hallmark is beginning its Christmas Movie 2019 schedule with a movie based on the book, Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses by Jenny Hale, and all of us Hallmark Christmas movie lovers can finally put on our fuzzy socks, park ourselves by the fireplace, and rejoice!


What To Expect Based On The Book

In preparation for watching the very first Hallmark movie of the 2019 Christmas season this weekend, I devoured the book and am happy to report the plot is right up our alley. A brooding, extremely handsome millionaire (who also happens to be fiercely protective and loving) meets his match in a hardworking, persistent single-mom, who’s also extremely talented and dedicated to both her son and her work. This is trademark Hallmark stuff and, of course, it makes for the perfect storyline for a snowy holiday movie.


My Take On The Book

I didn’t expect to love the book as much as I did, because unlike my love for Christmas movies, when it comes to reading I tend to lean towards the paranormal or suspense genres. However, the romance between the main characters, Abbey and Nick, was very well written and I found myself so invested in their story that I read the book in a straight four hour sitting. I needed to make sure Abbey had her happy ending.

Although the plot isn’t super original, Abbey’s character is authentic and her struggle as a single mom is convincing. I really wanted to see her get her fairytale ending.

I liked that Nick was a little broken and that Abbey was persistent enough to push through his rigid exterior and find the thoughtful, protective, loving guy underneath. I’m a total sucker for those types of romances.


Will The Movie Do The Book Justice?

So with that being said, I’m super excited about watching the movie… but also worried. As with all book to movie adaptions casting is KEY. So, I did a little digging to get an idea of how their picks for the main characters might pan out. Here’s what I found…

Abbey is being played by Jill Wagner. Honestly, I wasn’t that familiar with her. Lacy Chambert, Autumn Reeser, Candace Cameron-Bure, and Alicia Witt are some of my favs and I tend to watch their movies and skip a lot of the others. Hey, I like what I like.

That’s why I’m loving this movie review blog series, it introduces me to some potential new favorites. I’m hoping Jill will be the absolute perfect Abbey, because after reading the book, I want to see the movie hook me like the book did. We will see. I have hope!


Hallmark Actress Featured In First Christmas Movie On The 2019 Hallmark Christmas Movie Schedule
Jill Wagner plays Abbey in the 2019 Hallmark Christmas movie based on the book Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses


Will Jill Wagner Portray A Believable Abbey?

A little background: apparently, Jill grew up in my home state of North Carolina and went to NCSU, which is only about an hour away from where I live. My husband also graduated from there and I attended Peace college whose campus is only a couple of miles away. Small world!

Besides Hallmark movies, she’s been in Teen Wolf, Dancing with the Stars, and a bunch of other shows and movies I hadn’t realized.

The real catch will be if she and Matthew Davis (Nick) can bring the romantic connection that’s so apparent in the book onto our television screens. A believable romantic connection really is essential with all of these Hallmark movies. If the chemistry isn’t there, it just doesn’t work.

Okay, here’s a few pictures of Jill Wagner with Matthew Davis, who plays Nick in the movie:

Hallmark Actors Featured In First Christmas Movie On The 2019 Schedule
Hallmark Actors Featured In First Christmas Movie On The 2019 Schedule

Click here to watch an interview with both Jill and Matthew about the movie, Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses. Just from viewing this, I’m already seeing some things that are different from the book… hmmmm…

As long as the connection is there, a little bit of straying from the book should be okay? We will see!

Regardless, I can’t wait to update this post after watching the movie. Jill and Matthew, PLEASE be perfect together!

Have you read Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses yet? Will you be watching the new 2019 Hallmark Christmas movies with me starting next Saturday, October 26th? I really hope so. Let me know in the comments below!



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2019 Hallmark Countdown to Christmas Movie Reviews

2019 Hallmark Christmas Movie Reviews


2019 Hallmark Christmas Movie Reviews
Your Guide To Every Movie On The 2019 Hallmark Christmas Movie Schedule

There are two times of the year I really look forward to. One is Christmas and the other is Christmas in July, for one simple reason: Hallmark Christmas movies on repeat 24/7. This year I’ve decided to review each and every movie on the Hallmark Christmas Movie Schedule! Time is precious during the holidays and this guide will help you decide which of the 2019 lineup to add to your must-watch list.


Why I watch

Just playing a Christmas movie in the background while I’m doing all of the mundane things in life (ie dishes and cleaning and folding laundry) somehow makes those tasks not seem so bad. Of course, nobody does Christmas movies like Hallmark, so the channel is always my first choice when needing a good Christmas movie.

The combination of hearing Christmas music, seeing the snow and decorations, and the cozy fireplaces in the background, lifts my mood tenfold. Even if it is July and 99 degrees outside, after a day of folding laundry and watching Christmas movies, I’d swear to you I’d spent a chilly day by the fire.Plus there’s something about the sweet storylines focused on love and family that make me happy, even on days that aren’t the best. I love that I can watch a Hallmark Christmas movie without having to worry that there will be any content I wouldn’t let my nine year old see. In fact, she loves them as much as I do, and I love that they’re something we can watch together.


What I Will Tell You

When Hallmark released their 2019 Countdown to Christmas schedule I decided to watch each and every one and let you know how they compare to the books (when available), let you know the movies that have the secret sauce (aka romantic chemistry), and the overall watchability of each one (so you can decide if you should add to your 2019 must-watch list).

I’m pretty excited about this as I think it’ll make the Hallmark Christmas watching season so much more interesting!



I’ll give you insight into each movie, how the book compares, and help you decide which ones to watch first, because we all know the holiday season is busy, busy and if you don’t have time to catch them all, at least you’ll have an idea of which ones you’ll want to invest time in.

2019 Hallmark Christmas Movie Reviews
The First Christmas Movie On The 2019 Hallmark Christmas Movie Schedule Is Christmas Wishes And Mistletoe Kisses


First Movie On The Schedule!

First up on the Hallmark Christmas 2019 Schedule is Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses. I’m starting this book tonight in preparation for the Saturday, October 26th airing on The Hallmark Channel.

***UPDATE: I read the book in ONE NIGHT. It was SO good. There were a couple of cheesy moments that I thought were unrealistic (such as their first telephone conversation I just felt like it was a little contrived), but the relationship as a whole felt authentic and real. It sucked me in and I was definitely invested in the ending. I am very excited to look into the cast and see if I can dig up some behind the scenes before it airs this weekend. In fact, I’m going to sneak in another post with that info tomorrow. I’ll link the post HERE, when it’s finished. 


I hope you’ll join me in either reading and watching, or at least check back here to help you decide which movies to move to the top of your must-watch list! Who are your favorite Hallmark Christmas movie actors? Let me know in the comments. 








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January 2019 Binge-Worthy TV




Between the holidays and an endlessly drenching rain, there have been more opportunities than usual to get lost in a really great series. If you love thrillers and are looking for a few awesome recommendations, then you have come to the right girl. All three of these series are so addicting.

*Warning: All of these shows have some rated-R content, so if that’s a dealbreaker, or you have children in the room, definitely don’t watch these. 

If you can get past some uncomfortable scenes (or fast-forward) the payoff for all of these is worth it.

I had very low expectations for YOU on Netflix. If I’m being honest, Penn Bagley playing the psycho made me think the show wouldn’t be gritty enough. Boy, was I wrong. I have developed a new respect for his acting abilities. He was spot on. Get ready to be sucked into this one by the end of episode one, plus the unexpected ending helps.

True Detective was one of my husband’s picks that I quickly found myself sucked into. Each season tells a different story. Season 1 follows a couple of detectives (played by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson) who are trying to find a serial killer with a tendency for some demented stuff. I don’t want to give too much away, but this series is certainly worth your time if you’re into crime thrillers.


I’m saved the best for last with SINNER. Holy cow, I passed up this one so many times on Netflix and I could kick myself because it’s stellar. Jessica Biel plays your average young mom, Cora. Beautiful child, charming husband, she seems to have everything… until she doesn’t. The hook with this one comes right away. Cora, with her husband and son, visit a beach. One minute she’s peeling a pear for her toddler, the next thing you know she has leaped off the blanket and stabbed the man sitting on the beach in front of her. It all seems random, but as the show progresses you realize that there’s more to it. Okay, I’m not saying anything else about this one. You have to watch it!







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Must-See TV to Binge Watch in January 2018


Anyone else trying to escape the frigid temps and cold by snuggling on your sofa with snacks and binging on Netflix, Hulu & Amazon Prime?

Yea, me too.

There’s nothing better than starting a series or movie knowing it’s gonna be a good one. No wasted time (or snacks!).

I keep a running list in the notes section of my phone listing any recommendations I come across. That way I don’t waste precious time reading through the blurbs online, trying to find something good to watch, only to start it and realize it’s actually terrible.

So, to save that from happening to you, I’m sharing 5 absolutely binge-worthy movies and series you can add to your to-watch list now.

I won’t waste your time re-writing the info already included in the descriptions linked, but I will give you the lowdown on why these are must-sees.



OMG. This is the most addictive, unpredictable and absolutely delicious series out there right now. Warning: there are plenty of graphic parts, but only when they are necessary to further the storyline. No unneeded goriness here. The actors are top-notch (hello, Kevin Bacon) and there are so many plot twists you’ll have to make yourself stop watching to eat and sleep, haha. Trust me on this one: put it at the very top of your list.



I’ve always been a sucker for British history. Period pieces are my favorite; to read and to watch. I didn’t know who Jenna Coleman was before I started watching this (where have I been?), but now I’m a forever fan. And the accents… love. Plus, it’s history so you can be completely guilt-free while you put off the piles of laundry you still need to do.



This is a heavy one, but so good. The Handmaiden’s Tale takes the world we know today, and realistically portrays a terrifying shift that is stunningly convincing. I mean, you’ll shudder at these people’s reality.

Elisabeth Moss plays Offred, the main character, and she is stellar in this role. You’ll be sucked into her world just to see her fight tooth and nail to climb out of it. Plus, even if this series wasn’t spellbinding, it would be well worth your time to see Alexis Bledel play Emily. Your mind will be blown. She nailed it in a way I didn’t think was possible. Go ahead and put this on your list pronto.



Okay, I didn’t think I would like this one. Honestly, my husband picked it to watch and I was convinced I’d just have to grin and bear it. Boy was I wrong!!

It sucked me right in. This movie really gives you a look into why someone so twisted ended up that way. And, it’ll kinda freak you out how easily he blended into his community. Nobody suspected him at all.

The acting is great, and I love the way the plot alternates between past and present, giving you insight into the bomber’s motives.



I’d watch this one just for the 50’s wardrobe, but I don’t have to because watching “Midge” take a journey from picture-perfect housewife into stand up comedian is worthy all on it’s own. Unlike the heavy hitters above, this is the one to watch if you’re in the mood for  feel-good entertainment. It’s funny, dramatic and completely binge-worthy. Add it, you’ll be glad you did.


Alright, I feel confident you’ll find something on this list you’ll rave about. No wasted binge-time for you! Watch em, and tell me what you think 🙂







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