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These two products are liquid gold if you have dry, processed hair (because what blonde-with-help doesn’t?). I have tried a wide variety of the shampoos and conditioners that Ulta has to offer, and none of them hold a candle to the Loreal expert line. Before Amazon, these could only be purchased from Loreal professionals (i.e. purchased from a salon). Now, anyone can order from Amazon at 1/3 of the price. The fact I don’t have to leave my house is an extra bonus. I order, and two days later, it’s on my doorstep. I have heard that it’s better to purchase these products from a reputable salon, but I’ve bought from both, and have found them equivalent, so far.

After just one use of this duo, I can see an immediate and drastic difference in my hair. The texture becomes super silky to the touch, there’s less frizz from humidity, and it’s shinier.

If your hair has a tendency to veer towards the oiler side, you may find this combination too hydrating. Luckily, the Loreal expert line offers a range of formulas for all hair types. I have found many of these on Amazon as well. Click the links below to shop the exact ones I use.



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