When twenty two year old, Brooke Ashcroft, moves from her small town to the city after landing a job at a successful marketing agency, the last thing she expects is to unknowingly meet her boss- gorgeous mogul vampire, Alex Chase, in a bar on her very first night. The immediate intensity between them goes beyond anything she’s experienced and she soon finds out that there is a reason she can’t seem to think straight when he’s around- a fiercely powerful bond that is both extremely rare and deeply feared in the vampire world. With their bond complete, Brooke and Alex would threaten the stability of the Regency, a group of the most ancient vampires in existence, and one headed up by none other than her own deadbeat vampire father. When the Regency kidnaps her in an attempt to prevent the bond from taking place, Brooke must trust Alex with not only her eternal existence, but her already battered heart.




Let’s face it. Life with Alex Chase is all it’s cracked up to be… and more.
Being pursued by vampires and a slayer all intent on ending your existence… not so much.
After a whirlwind courtship that has Brooke bonded and married to one of the most powerful vampires in existence, she’s ready to settle down to a normal life.
But, unfortunately, between Brooke’s newly acquired ability to see visions foreshadowing the future, and dealing with the Regency, Lucien, and an ex with a secret; normal is the last thing her life returns to.
And just when it seems things can’t get anymore complicated, Brooke and Alex face something that threatens the strength of their trust in each other and tests the boundaries of their love forever.




For Brooke, spending an eternity with gorgeous mogul vampire Alex Chase has been like living in a dream. Beautiful twin daughters, a fabulous circle of friends and a doting husband who also happens to be a steamy hot vampire… what’s not to love?
However, when the regal and conniving Ophelia reenters the picture followed by the dreaded foreshadowing visions, Brooke knows her happy ending is coming to a screeching halt.
Life becomes even more precarious when a plot to expose the vampire race puts their twin daughters, Lola and Leighton, at risk. Brooke and Alex will stop at nothing to destroy those responsible for disrupting their lives and gain back the peaceful happiness of the past six years; but for Brooke, that may mean betraying the one person she never thought she would —Alex.
With love and life hanging in the balance, the stakes have never been higher. And this time, Brooke and Alex risk losing everything important to them —including their endless love.




ETHAN’S STORY, the tantalizing 4th book in the bestselling Vampire Romance Series, THE CRIMSON BOND.

Ethan Rettings has devastating good looks, a healthy appetite for women, and a hearty scorn of commitment. He is just the type of man Gabrielle Van Treese has spent her life avoiding.

Unfortunately for Gabrielle, Ethan has no intention of letting her deter him. On the brink of discovering her own paranormal journey, the last thing Brielle needs is a gorgeous and arrogant mogul vampire sweeping into her quiet world and turning it upside down.

With unexpected darkness descending, and obstacles from their pasts coming back to haunt them, both Ethan and Gabrielle find themselves in a battle for their very existence. What neither one expects, is the voracious lengths they will go to fight for eternal love…

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