Friday Favorites (Jan 26th)

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MIRACLE WORKER. If you have kids, or you yourself can’t seem to eat without getting food on your shirt, you need this.

I never would have known to buy this stain removing spray if it hadn’t been for a friend showing it in action on her insta-stories. She had a spaghetti-stained shirt and used this to get rid of the mess, and after watching it easily annihilate the set in tomato sauce, I had to try it.

I figured 8 dollars was worth it if I could save the countless clothes assigned to the “play clothes/ lounge around home” category (that still doesn’t get worn).

I actually saved a pretty linen kitchen towel with ravioli stains just to test this stuff out when it arrived.

The directions say to wet the item, spray it with Miss Mouth’s messy eater stain treater, and then rinse and wash. I let it sit for 15 minutes after spraying, rubbed it in, and then rinsed. The stains were completely, 100% gone! I’m not sure how I’ve lived without this!




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We’ve gone through so many boxes of these since cold season came around, and they are the first thing Bella asks for when she’s not feeling well.

They are purely a comfort crutch and don’t actually relieve the fever, but the gel pad is cool and comforting and helps Bella get to sleep when she’s miserably sick. Anything that helps her feel better is a winner in my book. These are certainly worth giving a try if you have a little one that’s sick. We love them. 🙂

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